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Manufacturing and Production Optimization

Generative AI can facilitate the design of production automation, improve production efficiency, and optimize manufacturing and supply chain operations. These can result in substantial improvements in operational efficiency.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Convert Visual Data to Text
Autoliv is exploring the potential of generative AI in multimedia analysis to improve operational insights. The end goal is to transform videos and images into text to detect and analyze events and anomalies in production quality control.
Summarize Technical Operator and Engineer Notes
With the help of generative AI, Autoliv is seeking to distill technical notes from operations and engineering from freely written notes into concise summaries. The solution could also analyze dispatched notes and comments from various business units in multiple languages. These summaries could also improve classification, reporting, issue identification, and analytic models.
Improve Manufacturing Maintenance Execution
Autoliv is investigating generative AI as a co-pilot for repair operations. The envisioned solution could support identifying commonalities in breakdowns, preparing relevant information and orders, and optimizing repair routes within the manufacturing plant, prioritizing based on speed and equipment criticality. Moreover, Autoliv sees potential in generative AI to assist in addressing OPM (Overall Production Maintenance) needs and mitigating associated risks, thereby further improving maintenance execution and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Optimize Supply Chains
With a global footprint in its operations and customer base, Husqvarna Group is interested in the potential of generative AI to optimize its supply chain operations.
Streamline Maintenance and Equipment Programming
Scania is exploring generative AI solutions to boost productivity in maintenance support and PLC programming. In terms of maintenance, Scania’s vision is to empower maintenance personnel with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and merge available tools and resources to amplify their capabilities. Furthermore, Scania is exploring implementing a GPT-style system to assist in PLC programming for industrial equipment, further enhancing operational efficiency.
Optimize Supply Chains End-to-End
Scania is on the lookout for AI-enhanced supply chain solutions that may span from upstream suppliers all the way to downstream distribution. Generative AI can automate and enhance processes at every step, enabling greater efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain.
Enhance Operator Support with AI
SKF is exploring how generative AI can transform and integrate diverse machine-specific knowledge, such as production instructions, and quality management system dialogues, into an audible format that can be queried by machine operators. They are especially interested in an AI-enabled voice interaction system that operators can speak to and receive accurate, hands-free responses. In addition, the solution could help support decision-making related to operator productivity and overall production floor efficiency.

R&D and Product Development

Generative AI can accelerate early research and ideation, enhance virtual design and simulation, and optimize physical test planning. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in R&D.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Summarize and Analyse Technical and Testing Documentation
Autoliv is exploring solutions that could help with analyzing and summarizing test data in CV/DV/PV testing and writing reports. Managing and reviewing technical customer specifications could be sped up with the help of generative AI.
Optimize Material Use with Product Design
Autoliv is seeking the help of generative AI to optimize the design phase, aiming to find more sustainable solutions and address technical challenges. Optimizing material use can contribute significantly to sustainability efforts. Generative AI could assist in reading and checking CAD drawings/designs.
Enhance Data Management and R&D Efficiency
Epiroc is seeking to optimize data flow and architecture within their R&D and product development processes. They aim to leverage generative AI in areas such as data management, processing, and integration. This can lead to accelerated innovation, faster product ideation, and more robust design solutions.
Analyze and Summarize Technical Documentation
Since 1689, Husqvarna Group has secured over 3,350 patents for various technologies. Given this, Husqvarna Group is interested in generative AI solutions to assist in analyzing and maintaining all internal and external product-related documentation in different languages.
Streamline Idea Evaluations and Comply with Design Standards
KONE is exploring solutions to enhance R&D and product development processes by leveraging generative AI to evaluate and manage inventions and ideas. KONE is also interested in using generative AI to evaluate product designs against codes and standards documentation, ensuring product design compliance and quality in different markets and geographical areas. Generative AI could be pivotal in automating and optimizing these aspects of R&D and product development efforts, ultimately expediting time-to-market.
Improve Sustainability with Product Design
KONE is looking for generative AI solutions to enhance sustainability in product design. The aim is to further optimize various sustainability aspects of the product lifecycle – all the way from product design and manufacturing to lifetime usage and disposal.
Accelerate Testing and Simulation
Munters is exploring AI-assisted solutions to accelerate their testing and simulation processes. With a vast amount of data generated during testing, automating and optimizing the analysis is important. Generative AI solutions could quickly process large datasets, identify patterns, and provide insights to engineers, leading to faster product development and improved safety standards.
Support Product Development Efficiency
Munters is investigating generative AI for generating innovative product ideas, designs, and prototypes. By analyzing vast datasets of market trends, customer preferences, and emerging technologies, the ideal solution could identify market gaps and competitive advantages that guide product development decisions for creating cutting-edge products.
Accelerate Testing and Simulation
Scania is exploring how AI tools can speed up R&D and product development through testing and simulation optimization, particularly for handling large datasets. For instance, this can mean employing AI solutions to automate crucial testing, simulation, and data management tasks, and result in improved product quality, faster development, and cost savings.
Create Scenario-Based Tech Roadmaps
Scania is investigating how generative AI solutions can support anticipating future scenarios and their impact on decision-making for product development. As the scenario analysis process is currently time-consuming and resource-intensive, generative AI has the potential to significantly automate and streamline it.
Enhance Product Development Efficiency
SKF is investigating how generative AI can support them in rapid and accurate access to product information, including product catalogs and data sets. Today, many documents are difficult to search through keywords, resulting in the need to read through multiple documents to collect insights.
Re-utilize Test Data and Reports
SKF wants to leverage generative AI to increase efficiency and reduce human error in testing and development environments. Due to keyword search limitations, testing personnel need to sift through numerous documents to utilize past testing data. Ultimately, SKF wants to utilize historic engineering data to potentially develop a conversational interface that transforms extensive information repositories into an interactive support tool.
Customize Packaging Design
Stora Enso is looking for generative AI solutions to streamline the process of creating new designs and optimizing them for production and transport. They aim to provide sustainable, affordable, and customized 3D-printed designs for clients with shorter lead times. Stora Enso envisions utilizing generative AI to optimize furniture design and packaging for unique and complicated products.
Discover New Materials
Stora Enso envisions leveraging generative AI technologies to speed up lengthy material development processes and optimize physical and/or chemical material development, testing, and screening of possibilities. Ultimately, we want to develop a better understanding of the effects and results of modifications on anode material, polymers such as FDCA, or fiber foams.
Synthesize New Water Barrier Polymers
Stora Enso is looking into utilizing generative AI to find new biodegradable water-barrier polymers and define new material formulations. Starting with revealing the synergism between different types of biodegradable polymer molecules with the most efficient composite construction, Stora Enso envisions finding the best possible combination from group contribution theories from classical polymer science to find the most sustainable material for replacing traditional plastics. By combining composite theories of lignocellulosic materials, the solution could find highly improved composites for new packaging and wood composite products.

Software Engineering

Generative AI can streamline software development, aid in data analysis, speed up system design and coding, and automate testing. It can also assist in maintenance by diagnosing issues and suggesting improvements, leading to significant enhancements in software development productivity.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Deploy a Software Development Co-pilot
Autoliv aims to speed up software development by analyzing program code weaknesses, performance issues, and vulnerabilities and providing suggested corrections. By leveraging generative AI, Autoliv is taking strides toward improving their software development efficiency and excellence.
Streamline Software Development and Surface Automation Simulation
Epiroc envisions utilizing generative AI tools to automate key aspects of software development, including generating code snippets and assistance with system design, which will enable their software engineers to work more efficiently. Additionally, Epiroc recognizes the value of generative AI in testing and simulation within the context of surface automation.
Improve Software Engineering Efficiency
Husqvarna Group is interested in solutions to leverage generative AI for code generation and efficient software development, elevating their software quality and expediting development cycles. Starting with a deep dive into large language model training requirements, Husqvarna Group envisions utilizing generative AI tools to automate critical aspects of software development, including generating code snippets, aiding in system design, and testing and simulation for automation purposes.
Improve Development Efficiency
Munters is exploring the capabilities of generative AI to assist software development teams in process automation and productivity in generating code, user interfaces, and design prototypes. By understanding project requirements and leveraging existing codebases and design patterns, generative AI could accelerate the development of internal and customer-facing software applications. This automation could ensure that software solutions are not only developed faster but are also consistent and of high quality.

Sales and Marketing

Generative AI can revolutionize sales and marketing by enhancing strategy formation, personalizing campaigns, boosting customer engagement, as well as aiding in content creation, data interpretation, SEO optimization, and product discovery, leading to more efficient marketing and increased sales.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Enhance Market Analysis and Decision-making
Autoliv is looking for the potential of advanced generative AI to conduct in-depth market analysis and strategy formulation. By integrating external and internal data, Autoliv aims to identify trends, risks, and opportunities across products and markets, similar to the approach taken in classic management consulting. With the help of a generative AI Assistant, Autoliv seeks to optimize resource allocation, expedite deployment, and foster informed agile decision-making.
Enhance Sales Support
Epiroc is exploring how generative AI can enhance their sales support activities. This can lead to automating tailored initial responses to customer inquiries and streamlining the buying process.
Track Public Global Tenders
Husqvarna Group is interested in exploring pioneering generative AI solutions to streamline their global tendering activities. Currently, public tender data is often in local languages and scattered across various databases specific to each country. A desired solution could help automate critical tasks such as tracking tenders, applying filters, and categorizing to elevate their tender management practices and streamline decision-making.
Anticipate Sales Leads with Open Source Insights
Husqvarna Group is interested in harnessing generative AI for proactive sales lead anticipation utilizing open-source insights, such as news and public releases on new projects. An ideal solution would help gather the information, filter on pre-set rules, and categorize the results for actionable steps.
Improve Sales Processes
KONE is investigating AI-powered solutions for automating data-driven decision-making and optimizing sales processes, including lead generation, sales funnel management, and valuation. The solution could leverage extensive datasets available at KONE to effectively generate sales insights and enhance the hit rate in tendering across various product segments.
Enhance Market Analysis and Decision-Making
Munters collects vast amounts of market data, industry reports, and client feedback. Generative AI could analyze this data, identify emerging market trends, and generate predictive models. These data-driven market insights could help achieve a deeper understanding of client needs, resulting in improved service delivery and client satisfaction.
Forecast Demand and Generate Leads
Scania seeks AI solutions to strengthen demand forecasting and lead generation with data-driven decisions. The goal is to accurately predict market demand for guiding future resource or production allocation decisions. Simultaneously, Scania seeks to enhance lead generation efforts by gaining valuable insights into customer needs and improving sales hit rates.
Predict Customer Needs
Stora Enso is exploring how generative AI can help predict changing consumer needs and the drivers behind them. By collecting data from various data sources on megatrends and demand drivers, they aim to collect valuable customer insights and enable tailored solutions. In addition, Stora Enso is interested in new, unique ways of collecting customer insights by applying generative AI to social engineering and crowdsourcing.

Customer Success

Generative AI can enhance customer service by providing human-like chatbot responses, aiding agents with real-time assistance and tailored call scripts, and generating personalized insights, thereby optimizing the overall customer service experience.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Improve Customer Experience
Epiroc wants to leverage generative AI to elevate its customer experience, providing tailored assistance for customers throughout the whole customer journey.
Automate Troubleshooting and Reporting for Maintenance Productivity
KONE is looking for generative AI solutions to boost productivity in maintenance operations, especially in technician troubleshooting and reporting. Currently, experts provide on-demand support to technicians, but KONE envisions streamlining and enhancing this process with the help of AI-powered assistants. This involves tasks like collecting and transforming data such as video or audio into a useful shareable and accessible format to aid technicians in the field with reporting and problem-solving.
Assist Technicians in the Field
Scania is seeking generative AI solutions to elevate the efficiency of field technicians when responding to issues on the road. Generative AI technology can help empower field technicians with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional customer service.
Engage with Customer Feedback
Scania is interested in solutions that leverage generative AI for efficient customer feedback engagement. The aim is to swiftly and automatically locate, analyze, and take action on customer feedback from diverse data sources such as social media. Generative AI solutions can proactively map and address customer needs and concerns to improve products and services.
Resolve Faults with Technical Support
SKF is investigating the potential of AI in responding to technical fault and error reports from customers and providing immediate suggestions for potential root causes with faster resolution times. For instance, this could mean accessing past error reports and resolutions, contributing to an ever-improving technical support system and customer experience.

Internal Operations

Generative AI can enhance internal operations by automating documentation, aiding strategy with data analysis, personalizing communication, and streamlining legal processes through contract generation and compliance monitoring.
Examples of what we are interested in include…
Generate Consistent Documentation
Autoliv seeks to enhance their documentation processes with the help of generative AI to ensure consistent information across the company globally. By inputting core facts, advanced AI models can jumpstart content creation autonomously, which is then reviewed by humans for fine-tuning. This could streamline accurate content creation for documentation, ultimately optimizing resource allocation. Additionally, generative AI could assist with business interactions such as meeting notes, summaries, and email correspondence to expedite and enhance the digestion of content.
Access Internal Knowledge with AI Assistant
Autoliv is looking for generative AI solutions to enhance their information support systems. They aim to merge NLP capabilities of LLMs with expert knowledge systems, enabling users to securely access internal documentation for insights. This could help optimize resource allocation and expedite deployment by helping content and technical teams work together.
Improve Engineering Knowledge Management
Epiroc is exploring the potential of generative AI to optimize internal knowledge management and advanced troubleshooting within their engineering operations. The objective is to seamlessly provide service engineers with access to precise instructions and data from multiple databases, ultimately enhancing maintenance productivity while reducing downtime.
Create Data Governance Solutions
KONE is investigating generative AI's transformative potential for streamlining critical data processes including data profiling, enhancement, aggregation, enrichment, and integration. These processes are crucial for improving data quality and utility in data-driven applications like multi-language models and business intelligence systems. Hence, generative AI solutions could improve data-driven decision-making and applications by enhancing data accuracy and organization.
Elevate User Experience
KONE places significant importance on user experience and is exploring how generative AI and large language model-based tools could elevate the user experience and value of various products and services, both internal and external. This encompasses aspects like creating more intuitive and versatile user interfaces, enhancing question formulation, improving output usability, and ensuring adaptability across diverse usage scenarios, such as construction sites or mobile environments.
Streamline Internal Knowledge Access
Munters wants to investigate streamlining their internal operations with a generative AI assistant. The assistant would help team members access critical internal knowledge repositories and databases quickly, providing relevant information, answering queries, and offering suggestions for resolving common issues.
Support HR with an AI Assistant
Scania seeks to streamline their HR Servicedesk flow with a generative AI assistant. The chatbot assistant could answer frequently asked questions, increasing the pace and depth of answers and allowing Servicedesk personnel to focus on more complex issues. On the other hand, the assistant could suggest HR Servicedesk personnel with potential answers to text inquiries via email or chat based on an HR knowledge base and inquiry history.
Ensure Ethics, Legal and Policy Compliance
Stora Enso is exploring generative AI solutions in ethics, legal, and compliance to enhance policy compliance, operational efficiency, and contract management. An ideal solution could advise employees within policy boundaries, assist legal and HR staff in formulating responses, do initial reviews, help detect process inefficiencies and potential breaches of company policies, and aid leaders in communicating the latest company policies and guidelines.

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